What is Gait?

Gait is the pattern of movement in which a person walks or runs. It is an important factor in determining how well a person moves and can affect their overall physical health. Gait analysis helps to identify any abnormalities that may be present, as well as providing insight into potential causes for these issues. By understanding gait, healthcare professionals can diagnose and treat conditions more effectively, allowing patients to live healthier lives with greater mobility.

Gait analysis involves tracking the movements of a patient’s body during walking or running using various methods such as video recordings or motion capture systems. This data can then be used by medical professionals to evaluate different aspects of gait including speed, stride length and symmetry between limbs among other factors. Additionally, it provides valuable information about posture while walking which can lead to better treatment plans for certain musculoskeletal disorders like cerebral palsy or osteoarthritis where posture plays an important role in managing symptoms successfully.

At its core, Gait is fundamental part of human movement that affects our quality of life so understanding it is essential when assessing various medical conditions related to mobility. With advances in technology, we now have access powerful tools like motion capture systems that allow us accurately measure parameters associated with gait thus enabling healthcare providers make informed decisions regarding diagnosis and treatment planning based on accurate data points rather than subjective observations alone.

The relationship of Gait & Low Back Pain

Gait analysis is an important tool in diagnosing and treating back pain. It allows clinicians to identify potential causes of the patient’s condition, enabling them to develop a more effective treatment plan. Gait analysis can help determine whether a patient’s gait pattern is contributing to their back pain or if there are other factors at play that need further investigation.


The process of Gait analysis involves observing how the body moves when walking or running and analysing its range of motion, stability, speed, symmetry, and coordination. By assessing these components, it can be determined whether any abnormalities exist which may be causing discomfort for the individual experiencing back pain. For example, certain muscle imbalances such as tightness in one leg versus another could cause problems with balance that could lead to increased strain on certain areas of the spine while walking or running.


At our clinic we use video recording combined with experienced professionals who have extensive knowledge about biomechanics and movement patterns associated with lower limb disorders such as low back pain. Our goal is always to provide personalised care tailored specifically towards helping everyone achieve relief from their symptoms so they can get moving again without fear or discomfort!


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