Sports Massage for Runners

Sports massage is an important part of any runner’s training regimen. It helps to reduce muscle soreness, improve flexibility, and range of motion, and even prevent injury. Runners who take advantage of sports massage can expect greater performance gains as well as improved mental clarity during their runs.

How does sports massage work?

Sports massage works by targeting specific areas in the body that have been impacted by running activities such as long-distance running or sprinting. Massage therapists use various techniques to break down adhesions in the muscles which can lead to pain or discomfort while running or performing other physical activities. In addition, sports massages help promote blood flow throughout the body which increases oxygenation levels for better performance and recovery times after workouts.

Regular sports massage offers many benefits for runners including:

  • reduced muscle soreness.
  • improved flexibility and range of motion
  • increased blood flow throughout the body resulting in better overall performance
  • reduction in potential injuries due to overuse from intense training regimens

It is highly recommended that all serious athletes incorporate at least one session per month into their fitness routine if they want optimal results from their athletic endeavours.

When is the best time to get a Sports Massage?

If you’re a runner, you may be wondering if it’s beneficial to get a massage before or after the race. The answer is that both can be great options depending on your individual needs and goals.

Before competition

Getting a massage before the race can help to:

  • reduce muscle tension and soreness
  • improve circulation
  • increase flexibility and range of motion in muscles used during running
  • boost energy levels by releasing endorphins into the body which helps with pain relief
  • It also prepares your body for what’s ahead so that you are more likely to perform at your peak

After competition

On the other hand getting a massage after running has its own benefits, such as:

  • reducing inflammation caused by lactic acid build-up in muscles from exercise
  • improving recovery time
  • relieving tight spots created from overuse of certain muscle groups while running
  • helping return blood flow back to normal levels throughout the entire body which helps alleviate post-race fatigue quickly so that runners can get back into their routine faster than without having received any type of therapy afterwards
  • increasing joint mobility due to improved circulation, resulting in better overall health long term

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