Company Director & Lead Therapist


Level 5 - Medical Acupucture (Norris Health)

Level 5 - Dry Needling (Norris Health)

Level 4 - SCE Strength & Conditioning Diploma

Level 4 - Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy

Level 4 - Exercise for Low Back Pain Management

Level 3 - Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy

Level 3 - Diploma in GP Exercise Referral

Level 3 - Diploma in Personal Training

Level 2 - Certificate in Exercise and Fitness

Level 2 - BTEC First Diploma in Sports Science

Level 1 - YMCA Fitness & Physical Activity

“We offer highly professional services personalised to suit your requirements”

Obtainable Fitness UK Ltd was first established in 2016 and is now one of the leading Sports Therapy companies specialising in Physical Performance and Sports Massage.

The core concept of our business is to assist each individual in reaching their peak performance through in-depth analysis and appropriately selecting the best intervention to optimise human performance.

We optimise human performance by encouraging the use of exercise prescription, soft tissue therapy and client education. All the selected interventions are based on sound reasoning and supported rationale to help supplement each treatment effectively.


Olympic & Para Olympic Athletes

Professional Footballers

Professional Rugby players

Professional Boxers

Professional Dancers

Professional Body Builders


HVT - Spinal Manipulation & Mobilisation (OMT trained)

Spinal & Peripheral Joint Mobilsation (John Gibbons trained)

Performance Movement Coaching

Olympic Weightlifting for Athletes

Strength & Conditioning Fundementals

Pregnancy Massage


B2 Chalfont Clinic - Lead Rehab Specialist

Speed Works Ltd - Trackside Therapist

London Irish RFC - Medical Team support

QPR FC - First Team Masseur (EFL Championship Season 2015/2016)

London Marathon 2016 - Event support staff

Descente Duathlon 2016 - Event support staff

The London Fudge Project - Trackside Therapist


Lower Back Pain



Postural Conditions

Muscular Strains

Gait Analysis

Specialist Exercise Prescription

Ligament Sprains

Repetitive Strain Injuries



David S

David is a graduated Sports Therapist from Buckinghamshire New University in 2022.

David has ambitious career goals to either work with athletes in the sports industry or to operate within a clinical environment, assisting a diverse range of patients and providing various treatments such as sports massage. Through different work placements during his three years of study, David has gained extensive experience in both settings.

One of his notable experiences was working with Wycombe Wanderers Football Club in the Physiotherapy department, where he performed pre- and post-sports massage treatments on the players during training sessions. This role not only honed his technical skills but also provided him with valuable insights into working with high-performing athletes.

David has significant visual impairment, which is far from being a hindrance. It has been proven to be a significant advantage as it greatly enhances his sense of touch. This unique and rare ability has earned him the nickname "Magic Hands," a testament to his exceptional skill and effectiveness as a therapist.

David is also a member of the Great Britain Men's Goalball team and has represented Great Britain in major international competitions, such as the IBSA World Games 2023. Goalball is a Paralympic sport for the visually impaired and blind, and David's ambitions are to reach the Paralympics.


  • BSc Degree in Sports Therapy


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Emma B
Emma is our in-house Sports Massage Therapist who has exceptional talent and a real urge to further her development. If you're looking for a firm massage delivered with fantastic technique, we honestly suggest you look no further.
Emma is also a Sports Therapy student at Hertfordshire University which will eventually allow her to work within professional Rugby on a permanent basis. Supporting this goal, Emma is currently on a placement year working with Ealing Trailfinders this season..
In practice, Emma engages with different patients by taking the time to understand their needs and any issues they present so that the individual can gain maximum benefit from the treatment methods used specifically for the patient..
An absolute Netball lover and a x2 time Marathon runner. It's safe to say Emma is very passionate about helping patients optimise their performance for the best.
  • BSc Degree in Sports Therapy (Ongoing)
  • Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage


Lenny's Archive


I am proud to say that I had the opportunity to help KSI prepare for his rematch with Logan Paul. As a qualified therapist, I was able to provide my services and expertise to ensure KSI was well-prepared for the match. My involvement began several weeks prior when I started providing regular massages on a weekly basis leading up until fight night.

Throughout this process, my focus was helping him improve his overall fitness level by targeting specific muscle groups and increasing blood flow throughout his body. This would not only reduce fatigue but also make sure he felt ready physically come fight night. Additionally, during our sessions we discussed any areas of discomfort he may have been feeling which allowed me to identify potential issues before they became serious problems down the line; this ultimately resulted in an improved performance from KSI during the match itself as well as fewer injuries afterwards due to proper preparation beforehand!


Overall, it was an incredible experience being part of such a historic event and seeing first-hand how much dedication goes into preparing for something like this at such high levels; it really made me appreciate all aspects involved with professional boxing even more so than ever before! It's moments like these that remind us why we do what we do – no matter how big or small our contributions are – because every bit helps contribute towards success in some way shape or form!



I was fortunate enough to support Jake Ball during his preparation for the WBA Intercontinental Light Heavyweight title fight against Craig Richards. As a sports therapist, I provided him with physical and mental therapy throughout his training regimen. My role included helping him develop strength, flexibility, endurance, and overall conditioning to prepare himself for the fight of a lifetime.

Throughout our time together working on this goal, I witnessed first-hand how hard he worked day in and day out towards achieving it. He had an incredible work ethic that drove me as well as inspired others around us; not just through physical training but also by maintaining positive attitude no matter what challenges were presented before him. Additionally, he was very open to my feedback which allowed us both to maximise potentials while still having fun along the way!


In the end we didn’t achieve the success we wanted, and the better man won at their highly anticipated match up; it felt amazing being part of such an inspiring journey! It's moments like these that remind me why I chose sports therapy as my profession.


I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be a part of the 2015-2016 Queens Park Rangers medical team. As a sports massage therapist, I provided services for the first team players to help them reach peak performance levels. This experience gave me an invaluable insight into how professional athletes are managed and how important it is for their health and wellbeing that they receive regular treatment from qualified practitioners.


During my time with QPR, I worked closely with both coaches and physiotherapists to ensure that each player received tailored treatments according to their individual needs. It was incredibly rewarding being able provide support which directly contributed towards helping these elite athletes achieve success on the field of play whilst also maintaining good physical health off it too!

Overall, this experience has been extremely beneficial as not only did it give me valuable knowledge about working within professional sport but also allowed me to develop my skills further as a practitioner by exposing myself different types of injuries, rehabilitation processes and techniques used when dealing with high-level athletes.